Who are we?

Transform Forth Valley offer a wide range of services to support individuals and families who are impacted by substance use and/or societal, financial or health inequalities.

Vision Statement

A Scotland that is healthy, inclusive, and free from inequality, trauma, and addiction. Where everyone thrives, reaches their full potential, has a safe place to call home, and can lead long, happy, fulfilling lives.

Mission Statement

Transform Forth Valley is dedicated to empowering individuals and families to live a more fulfilled life.

We work with partners to actively challenge inequalities and to achieve sustainable change.

Core Values

Compassion Inclusion Respect Partnership

What do we do?

We respond to identified need in Forth Valley and in partnership we support individuals and families to tackle Inequalities that diminish life chances. We consider the whole person, building a firm foundation from which an individual or family can achieve positive and lasting change.

How do we do it?

We engage with people at the earliest opportunity to prevent issues from worsening.

We provide direct intervention and support to meet personal objectives.

We work in partnership and provide coordination to ensure all needs are being met.

Aims and objectives

• Identify and support the most vulnerable and hard to reach individuals in Forth Valley.

• Develop the awareness of the impact of substance use on young people, children and families.

• Increase self-confidence, self-management and self determination.

• Improve access to the right support services.

• Work in partnership to achieve better life chances and improved outcomes.

How can you access us?

Our range of services are introduced below including their criteria for referral and contact details.

Transform Forth Valley Services

Group 126

Assertive Outreach Plus Service

Assertive Outreach Plus works across the Forth Valley area to support individuals over 16, their families, and the local community experiencing challenges whether that be financial, societal or in relation to their health and wellbeing.​

Group 123

Time 4 Us

Time 4 Us works across Forth Valley providing support to children and families who have been impacted by substance use.

house logo

Housing First Falkirk

The Housing First team provides secure and settled housing as the first response for individuals with multiple and complex individual needs. Eligibility is simply that the individual is willing and committed to their own tenancy agreement, and the home provided for as long as needed.

Group 127

Social Inclusion Project

The Social Inclusion Project (SIP) works with individuals over 16 across Forth Valley to enable and empower them to access support and engage with community services.

TIIOP logo

Tackling Inequalities & Improving Outcomes Project (TIIOP)

TIIOP is part of the Social Inclusion Project, working in partnership to support individuals who are currently involved with Falkirk Council Justice Service.

Group transform

Transform Forth Valley

Transform Forth Valley is dedicated to empowering individuals and families to live a more fulfilled life.

We work with partners to actively challenge inequalities and to achieve sustainable change.

Asset 1House Blue

Self Neglect & Hoarding

The Self-Neglect & Hoarding Service is based in Falkirk and works with Falkirk Council Adult Support & Protection Service. The service responds to concerns of hoarding within peoples living spaces.

Asset 1sIG black

Time 4 Us
Early Intervention

The Early Intervention Service works across the
Forth Valley area responding to low level concerns which have come to the attention of Police Scotland about children, young people, and families.

How can we help you?

Contact us on 01259 272112

    Office 2.6, The E-Centre, Cooperage Business Village, Alloa, FK10 3LP

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